Individual Lessons

One-on-one sessions to better your game

We offer individual golf lessons specific to your needs and pocket. The use of video swing analysis software through CoachNow, the leading coach/client collaboration tool, is available on request at no additional cost.


After your first lesson, you will be invited to join the space in the free app where you can view your swing, as well as see notes and instructions given to you by your coach.

We encourage a minimum of 3 lessons to ensure you grasp the concepts and understanding of what is being taught. Package deals are more affordable 

should you wish to have continuous lessons.

Golf Technology

The cutting edge of golf lessons

At Pure Motion Golf Academy we strive to offer our clients the very best in their lessons and one way we achieve this is with the use the leading golfing technology available on the market. We are proud to offer lessons with FlightScope Mevo+ and the Capto Putting system. We believe these two systems are the perfect way for our clients, no matter their level, to hone their skills and better their game. The FlightScope Mevo+ is a great tool to see an insightful and detailed analysis of your golf swing to better understand the dynamics behind it, while the Captor's Putting System is the ideal way for golfers to perfect their short-game and see accurate and real-time data on their putting stroke. Both tools can be used in a lesson with one of our qualified coaches or can be used alone.


Use the Mevo+

What is Mevo?

Mevo is a range  of 3D Doppler radar launch monitors that can be used indoors and outdoors to help golfers improve their game.

What it offers

  • 8 accurate performance data parameters

  • Action video clips with data overlay

  • Dial in your distances indoors and outdoors

  • Save, upload, and share each practice session


  • 8 Additional accurate data parameters

  • 5 Simulated golf courses (iOS)

  • 17 practice ranges and a darts mini game

  • Internal camera for easy target alignment

  • Wi-Fi hotspot provides a reliable connection


1 x 45 minute lesson


3 x 45 minute lessons


Without lesson

R150 or R200 with setup assistance

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Use the Capto Putting System

CAPTO is a putting analysis system composed by a high accuracy sensor and associated software that can run in all your devices.

It is easy to use, highly accurate and very light. CAPTO offers putting analysis in real time, both indoors and outdoors, and in real game condition. It's new cutting edge technology giving detailed, accurate and reliable putting parameters for complete analysis.

The Capto Putting sensor can be used by anyone with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOSX, and saves information in a cloud archive strokes database for follow-up analysis.

Improve your putting stroke with our new Capto Precision Putting Technology. This indoor/outdoor technology will certainly give you more confidence on the greens. 


1 hour 15 minute lesson


45 minute follow-up lesson



Price List


30 Minute Lesson
55 Minute Lesson
2-hour Course Lesson
Paul McKenzie
Matthew Kilfoil & Tara Griebenow
Morne Pentz
R265 (Juniors only)
R520 (Juniors only)
R700 (5 holes for Juniors)


3 Lesson Package*
5 Lesson Package*
10 Lesson Package*
Paul McKenzie
Matthew Kilfoil & Tara Griebenow
Morne Pentz
R770 (Juniors only)
R1250 (Juniors only)
R2100 (Juniors only)

*Standard lessons are 30 minutes in length